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About InSciM Project

As the world undergoes profound transformations, science is highly solicited, such as in the context of health crises (Covid-19), the reflection and dialogue on climate change, ecological and energy transformations, monetary transformation, humanitarian issues, or geopolitical crises. The perception of uncertainty in scientific discourse is therefore an important issue for all scientific activities. In science, the production of new knowledge uses rigorous methodological approaches based on the object of study and its disciplinary field. However, the use of tools or observations that produce a margin of error, as well as the use of abductive and inductive reasoning imply the presence of uncertainty, which can be specific to each discipline, linked to the object of the study and the methodologies that are used. Uncertainty in science is an integral part of the research process.

This project aims to study uncertainty in science through ontological and linguistic modelling of this notion from datasets of articles in different disciplines. The objectives are to propose a linguistic model of the expression of uncertainty in scientific articles, in order to propose a tool to identify and classify these phenomena present in papers in different disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and in Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM).


French ANR JCJC 2021 - 2025, ANR-21-CE38-0003-01


Universite Bourgogne Franche-Comte
Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires et Transculturelles (CRIT)
Institut Universitaire de France


Iana Atanassova, Ph.D.
PI of InSciM project
Email: iana.atanassova@univ-fcomte.fr